Work Sessions this week

This week, CIAM have had 2 HUB 'work sessions'. Earlier in the week was in Safety & Risk HUB and at the end of the week, Operation & Maintenance HUB.

It was quite a busy week where the team have had 2 work sessions in both the Safety & Risk HUB and in the Operations & Maintenance HUB.

On Tuesday, 30th of January was the work session on Digital Risk in Smart Systems. The project is now in its final stage where the participants looked into the final draft of the white paper that was developed by the team and agreed on small changes to content, presentation of summary model and conclusions. Also discussed how to use the tool in future applications. To close discussed preparations to support WCEAM with presentation, training and further research themes.

The meeting on Friday, 02nd of February was on 'Next Generation Maintenance Management' where the focus was on refining definitions for readers of white paper. The group also reviewed proposal for white paper and agreed some changes of toll explanation and summary. Lastly, there was a discussion on how the HUB can support the upcoming WCEAM which will focus on Digitalisation aspects of Asset Management.

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