The board

Vibeke Opheim, chairman of the board
Deputy Director, The Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU)

May Liss Olsen Tobiassen, board member
Department Director, Private Barnehagers Landsforbund (PBL)

Trond Kaldhagen, board member
Special Advisor, Kommunesektorens organisasjon (KS)

Domnine Lecoq, board member
Clinical Psychologist, Stavanger University Hospital (SUS)

Troels Gyde Jacobsen, board member
Research and Innovation Department Director, University of Stavanger

Henriette Thune, board member
Vice-Dean for Research at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Stavanger

Jorunn Melberg, board member
Head of the Department of Early Childhood Education, University of Stavanger

Joakim Evensen Hansen, board member
Assistant Professor at the National Centre for Reading Education and Research, University of Stavanger