Partners and collaborators

The National IOR Centre of Norway enjoys widespread support from the oil and offshore industry, as well as from research collaborators around the world.

National collaborators: 

  • University of Bergen:
    Professor Arne Graue, professor Morten Jakobsen, associate professor Martin Fernø
    Post doc Bergit Brattekås
    PhD Mohan Sharma (Displacement mechanisms in heterogeneous reservoirs with CO2 foam for mobility control; upscaling for field applications)
  • University of Oslo:
    Professor Dag Dysthe, Dr. Anja Røyne, professor Anders Malthe-Sørenssen
    PhD Shaghayegh Javadi (Experimental investigation of the effect of fluid chemistry on the adhesive properties of calcite grains)
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology/Ugelstad laboratory/SINTEF:
    Professor Johan Sjøblom, Senior Engineer Camilla Dagsgård, Professor Knut Andreas Lie, Dr. Xavier Raynaud

International collaborators:

  • DTU / GEO / GEUS, Denmark 
    Professor Ida Lykke Fabricius, Chief Engineer Helle Foged Christensen and Dr. Claus Kjøller. PhD: Tijana Voake Professor Fabricius is also employed as Professor II at the University of Stavanger and is supervisor for one of the PhD students in The National IOR Centre of Norway, as well as several MSc students.
  • TNO, Netherlands 
    Olwijn Leeuwenburgh, Philippe Steeghs, Rahul Fonseca Postdoc: Yanhui Zhang TNO has had a 2-year postdoc research project as official contribution to The National IOR Centre of Norway. The collaboration has continued through 2018.
  • TU Delft, Netherlands 
    Professor Jan Dirk Jansen (TU Delft), Rafael Moraes (TU Delft / Petrobras) Professor Jan Dirk Jansen is the head of department of Geoscience & Engineering and professor of Reservoir Systems and Control at the University TU Delft. NORCE is engaged in a research collaboration with TU Delft in production optimization.
  • Cornell University, USA 
    Professor Lawrence M. Cathles III IFE has a partnership with Lawrence M. Cathles at Cornell University on the use of C-dots as tracers in porous media.
  • UT Austin, USA 
    Professor Larry Lake Project collaboration: Robust Production Optimization. Included in this collaboration is the use of less detailed models (CRM – Capacitance Resistance Model) for reservoir simulation for use in optimization. One of the PhD students and a professor at The National IOR Centre of Norway have been involved in this.
  • Institute for the Study of the Earth's Interior (ISEI), Japan 
    Professor Eizo Nakamura Project: Quantification of chemical changes in flooded chalk on homogenized and natural samples with FE-TEM. Former MSc. student Nina Egeland is one of the students whos has been on research stay at ISEI.
  • TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany 
    Bernhard Schulz and Jens Gutzmer TU Bergakademie Freiberg is one of task 2’s main partners and several students have been here for analyzing rock samples during the Centre lifetime. In 2018 PhD students Emanuela Kallesten (task 2) and Samuel Erzuah (task 1) had research stays in Freiberg.
  • École Polytechnique, Paris, France 
    Razvigor Ossikovski and Chiara Toccafondi. At this collaborating laboratory in Paris, the Centre researchers use nanoRaman to identify the mineralogy of the surface of thin section samples.
  • Université de Lyon, France 
    Olivier Tillement IFE cooperates with Olivier Tillement at Université de Lyon. The cooperation involves characterisation of various characteristics of nanoparticles and complexes. These are components being tested as possible new tracers to determine the oil saturation in a flooded area of a reservoir.
  • National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), USA
    Senior researchers Dorit Hammerling and Ram Nair. NCAR’s Computing Lab consists of specialists in mathematical and statistical methods to simulate and predict complex stochastic phenomena.
  • Rice University, USA 
    PhD student Mohan Sharma (CO2-Foam EOR Field Pilots) had a two week long research stay at Rice University September 2018.
  • University of Wyoming, USA
    Assistant Professor in Rock Physics and Reservoir Modeling, Dario Grana. Postdoc Tuhin Bhakta had a research stay in Wyoming, working on a 4D seismic project. The cooperation continues.
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), Canada 
    Lesley James, Dr. Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. In 2018 Shijia Ma and Herman Muriel, both MSc students from UiS, went to MUN to do their PhD degree. PhD student Jaspreet Singh Sachdeva stayed at MUN fall 2017.
  • China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China
    Professor Quan Shi. PhD student Kun Guo stayed with his group at State Key Laboratory of Heavy Oil Processing, the first and only laboratory in China that focuses on the research of heavy oil. It has been equipped with extensive and advanced instruments, making it a good place to conduct the component characterization of heavy oil samples.
  • Sandia National Laboratories, USA
    Dr. Hongkyu Yoon, technical staff in the Geoscience Research and Applications Group at Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM. This project investigates numerically the pore space evolution during water injection by quantifying permeability, wetting changes and trapped oil in high-resolution digital chalk geometries obtained from real rock samples.

    The list also includes:
  • Germany: University of Freiburg, University of Münster, Heidelberg University, University of Stuttgart & University of Saarlandes
  • USA: National Center for Atmospheric Research, Colorado School of Mines
  • UK: University of Warwick & Imperial College London
  • Japan: Institute for Planetary Materials Misasa (IPM)
  • Luxembourg: Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
  • Italy: University Bicocca Milano

User partners (oil and service companies):