The Management Team

The management team consist of representatives from the three research partners in The National IOR Centre of Norway; UiS, NORCE and IFE. The director of the Centre is Ying Guo, NORCE. Tina Puntervold, UiS is assistant director.

  • Ying Guo

    Ying Guo, Centre Director

    Ying Guo has a broad experience within IOR and EOR. In  addition to leading the Centre, she is working as senior business developer at NORCE. She will continue part time in this position. Before this, she was research director for the IOR group at Iris (2015-2017), and she also spent ten years in Total, both as head of the section for R&D Subsurface and as a specialist engineer.

    Guo holds a PhD in Reservoir Engineering from NTNU 1988, a Cand Tech from UiS (previous Rogaland Regional College) in Reservoir Engineering and a BSc in Petroleum Engineering from UiS (previous Rogaland Regional College).

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  • Tina Puntervold

    Tina Puntervold, Assistant Centre Director / Leader Theme 1

    Puntervold is associate professor at UiS. Together with associate professor Skule Strand and retired professor Tor Austad she has established the Smart Water EOR Group at UiS. Her research focuses on reservoir chemistry and water-based EOR, such as Smart Water injection in carbonate reservoirs and Smart Water/low salinity water injection in sandstone reservoirs. 

    Puntervold has many years experience in petroleum research and teaching. She is one of the most productive researchers at UiS, and her work is often cited.

    She holds a PhD in petroleum technology (UiS), and a MSc in physical chemistry (UiB). She has also studied Spanish language and Latin America studies at UiB.

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  • Aksel Hiorth, UiS/IRIS

    Aksel Hiorth, Leader Theme 1

    Aksel Hiorth is chief research scientist within enhanced oil recovery (EOR) at NORCE and Professor within reservoir technology at the University of Stavanger. Currently he is research director at The National IOR Centre of Norway. He has a PhD within theoretical physics from University of Oslo, and has been principal investigator within several large research projects supported by the industry and the research council of Norway. In the last decade he has mainly worked with developing simulation models that can describe the physical and chemical processes taking place during multiphase flow in porous rocks. He has more than 40 publications in peer reviewed journals and 20 presentations at international conferences.  

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  • Randi Valestrand, IRIS

    Randi Valestrand, Director of Research / Leader Theme 2

    Randi Valestrand is the Research Director at NORCE (formerly known as IRIS) heading the reservoir group located in Bergen. Valestrand holds a PhD degree in physics from University of Bergen. Since 1999 she has worked with research within the petroleum sector with main focus on parameter estimation, history matching, reservoir characterization and data assimilation. She has worked in IRIS since 2002 and has frequently been used as project leader for large projects sponsored by the industry and the Research Council of Norway.

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  • Sissel Opsahl Viig, IFE

    Sissel Opsahl Viig, Director of Field Implementation

    Sissel Opsahl Viig is senior scientist in the Petroleum Technology Division at Institute for Energy Technology (IFE). She has a master degree in nuclear chemistry from the University of Oslo. She has more than ten years of experience in tracer technology and works with development of tracer methods for reservoir evaluation (inter-well studies), tracer methods for determination of residual oil saturation, and analytical chemistry.

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  • Svein Magne Skjæveland, UiS

    Svein Magne Skjæveland, Director of Academia

    Svein M. Skjæveland is a reservoir engineering professor at the University of Stavanger (UiS) with a PhD from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in engineering physics and a PhD in petroleum engineering from Texas A&M University. At UiS he worked to establish the master and PhD programs in petroleum engineering and geoscience and to develop the research organization IRIS (Rogaland Research). He is an appointed «Oil Man of the Year», and has won many prizes. During 1992-94 he was an elected rector and has held many administrative positions in academia. He enjoys teaching and has published many papers in the fields of physics, reservoir engineering, and multiphase flow in porous media.

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