The Task Leaders

The National IOR Centre of Norway is divided into two themes, which are divided into several tasks. Below you will find information on all the task leaders in The National IOR Centre of Norway.

  • Arne Stavland

    Task 1: Core scale

    Task leader: Arne Stavland, NORCE

    Arne Stavland is a chief scientist at NORCE where he has worked for 30 years. His main interests are in enhanced oil recovery and chemical water control. He holds an MS degree in physics from NTNU.

  • Udo Zimmermann

    Task 2: Mineral fluid reactions at nano/submicron scale

    Task leader: Udo Zimmermann, UiS

    Udo Zimmermann is professor at UiS. His research has focused on provenance techniques and reservoir characterization using petrography, heavy minerals and geochemical and isotope geochemical methods in clastic and chemical sedimentary rocks of Archean to Phanerozoic ages.

  • Espen Jettestuen

    Task 3: Pore scale

    Task leader: Espen Jettestuen, NORCE

    Espen Jettestuen is a senior researcher at NORCE. His main interests are in rock fluid interactions and how these influence the properties of reservoir rock on the microscopic scales. He holds a PhD in physics from the University of Oslo.

  • Aksel Hiorth

    Task 4: Upscaling and environmental impact

    Task leader: Aksel Hiorth, UiS/NORCE

    Aksel Hiorth is chief research scientist at NORCE and professor within reservoir technology at the University of Stavanger. His main interest is developing simulation models that describe the physical and chemical processes during multiphase flow in porous rocks.


  • Tor Bjørnstad

    Task 5: Tracer technology

    Task leader: Tor Bjørnstad, IFE

    Tor Bjørnstad is at present special advisor at IFE within reservoir technology, and Prof. Em. in nuclear chemistry at University of Oslo. Main interests: Tracer technology, IOR and flow assurance. He holds a PhD (Dr. Philos.) in Nuclear Chemistry from UiO.

  • Ove Sævareid

    Task 6: Reservoir simulation tools

    Task leader: Ove Sævareid, NORCE

    Ove Sævareid is a senior researcher at NORCE. He holds a Dr. scient. in applied mathematics from the University of Bergen. His research interests are scientific computing with focus on fluids and flow modelling..

  • Geir Nævdal

    Task 7: Field scale evaluation and history matching

    Task leader: Geir Nævdal, NORCE

    Geir Nævdal is working as chief scientist at NORCE. His research interests include reservoir characterization, data assimilation and production optimization, and his main research focus the last decade has been the use of ensemble based methods for updating reservoir models. He holds a PhD in mathematics from NTNU.