Research Projects

This page provides an introduction to some of the current and former research projects at SEROS

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  • EMSAFE: Employee voice and safety at work in a time of scarcity (NFR, 2019-22).
  • NordSTEVA: Nordic Centre of Excellence for Security Technologies and Societal Values (NordForsk, 2014-19).

Former Projects:

  • Safera-STARS: SocioTechnical safety Assessment within Risk Regulation Regimes – STARS, (2014-16).
  • Norwegian Oil and Gas Association - Understanding, assessing and managing risk and the unforeseen: A new way of thinking
  • Research Centre for Arctic Petroleum Exploration (ARCEx) – WP3: Environment Risk Management – Task 3.5 Application of risk and uncertainty concepts, principles and methods
  • Nordic assessment of OHS-certification
  • Centre for drilling and wells for improved recovery (SBBU) – Project: Well integrity – Subtask: Degradation and failure mechanisms
  • The role of human factors and non-technical skills in improving patient safety in helicopter emergency medical services
  • National response to terrorist threats
  • High risk road users - an assessment of investigations of fatal accidents
  • Emergency response training
  • Planning and executing dangerous goods transport
  • Approach for assessing the performance of emergency response arrangements
  • Risk management and governance (UiS, NFR)
  • How to reflect human and organizational factors in risk assessments (NFR)
  • SORISK - The social determination of risk (NFR)
  • HSE petroleum – change, organisation and technology
  • Patient safety – managing undesired events in healthcare
  • The social production of safety (NFR)
  • Profiling and information security
  • Child in the car – a study of the introduction of the child seat
  • Risk level project (Ptil)
  • Risk and uncertainty (NFR)
  • Risk and decision tools (NFR)
  • Managing health sector risks (Helse vest)
  • BORA - barrier and operational risk analysis (NFR, HSE, Ptil, oil and gas industry)
  • BAS5 - risk analysis and infrastructure (NFR, FFI, Proactima)
  • Civil-Military Cooperation in international humanitarian emergencies
  • Crisis management, Mass Grave Investigations and Societal Safety in Post-Conflict Societie
  • Emergency Preparedness and Management (EPM) in natural disasters
  • Human security and human rights; linking the development and the security discourses
  • Learning in Emergency Organizations
  • Societal Safety in Complex Emergencies: Conceptual developments
  • Coordination of humanitarian operations in complex emergencies
  • Dilemmas in a humanitarian crisis: Evaluation of Norwegian Refugee Council's operations in South Darfur
  • Emergency management and rescue operations
  • Humanitarian organizations and gender-based protection in international humanitarian emergencies
  • Media and Crisis Management: Cooperation and conflict between journalists and crisis managers
  • Responses to the tsunami of December 26th 2004: Evaluation of Norwegian Refugee Council's relief work in Sri Lanka and Indonesia