National response to terrorist threats (Univ. fond)

The project aims to investigate what societal changes officially have been carried through to manage the risk of contemporary terrorism, and scrutinize if there has been changes in the societal attitude to terrorism that has laid the foundation for the societal changes. Terrorism has been understood as a global threat, thus international cooperation and means are needed to eliminate the threat. Despite the global interpretation of modern terrorism, states are still the locus of legitimate political power and authority. This means that both Norwegian citizens and Norwegian stakeholders’ perceptions of the terrorist threat and counter terrorism will not only be influenced by national factors. The project is a case study of the Norwegian context. Although we acknowledge that terrorism discourses and implementation of security measures are influenced largely of global and international events this is less reflected beyond being input to the Norwegian context. The research is a PhD study (Sissel Haugdal Jore) and the following aims have guided the analysis;

  • To explore the conceptualizations of terrorism and security in different fields of society.
  • To investigate what societal changes have been officially carried through as counter terrorism means, and investigate the argumentations behind the implementations.
  • To investigate the role of risk management in governing the risk of terrorism.
  • To contribute to build a methodological and theoretical bridge between terrorism research and risk research by utilizing a discourse analytical perceptive.

The work is in its final stages.