Our conference hotel is Radisson Blu Atlantic in Stavanger.

Wondering where to stay during the conference? Book your room at our conference hotel, Radisson Blu Atlantic (tlf. +47 51 76 10 00) with the booking code UIS711.

Single room NOK 1395, double room NOK 1495.

Please mention the booking code UIS711 when you book your room. 

Transportation to Radisson Blu Atlantic
The hotel is centrally located with easy access to busses, trains and secure car parks. It takes less than 20 minutes to drive from the airport to the hotel and the centre of town. The airport shuttle bus leaves every 15 minutes (less often in the evenings) and it stops near the hotel entrance. Stavanger’s central bus station and train station are both within two minutes' walking distance of the hotel.

Accomodation close to the University of Stavanger
If you are looking for accomodation close to the UiS, your best option is the brand new Ydalir Hotel. Built right next to campus, the main university buildings are only a five-minute walk away  (tel. +47 40 88 59 81).

Single room NOK 1145.

Please mention the booking code SRAYdalir when you book your room. 

Transportation to Ydalir Hotel
Some of the airport shuttle bus departures will go via campus and they stop near the entrance to the hotel. Taxis are also a transport option, as are private cars. Please contact the hotel directly if you wish to enquire about parking options. It takes 30-40 minutes to walk from campus to the centre of town. Local buses leave from the bus stop near the hotel entrance.