Join Solakonferansen!

UiS staff is offered a discount at this year's aviation safety conference, Solakonferansen, 17 -19 September 2018.

Since 1987, Stiftelsen Solakonferansen (the Sola conference foundation) has brought together people from aviation, business, public authorities and education for annual conferences aimed at improving safety, quality and the environment in aviation.

The title of this year’s conference – which will be conducted in English – is «Offshore Helicopter Operations Towards 2038». It takes place at Clarion Hotel Air, and the registration deadline is Monday 10 September.

One of the topics will be the technological developments within the aviation industry, and the levels of automation ahead. We will challenge the helicopter manufacturers, and discuss whether we still have pilots on board in 2038. And what about the training of technicians and pilots in the future?

Another defining factor is the activity level towards 2038, given that half of Norway’s oil and gas deposits remains to be produced. Will we still need to move people offshore, or is automation and integrated operations taking over?

In addition to exploring different future scenarios, there will be talks by representatives from the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Civil Aviation Authority, the civil airport operator Avinor and the Federation of Norwegian Aviation Industries.

UiS staff may join the entire conference, including two evening sessions with dinner, at a discounted price of NOK 3,500. Please register at Solakonferansens website, and select the «UiS Employee» category.