This page provides a short introduction to the research conducted at SEROS.

Illustration for Societal Safety - A man walking on a thin line between tall buildings.

The centre's research embraces the overall themes as well as the relationship between:

Risk management
Theory, principles and methods for analysis and management of risks in society.

Societal safety
Theory and methods for social planning, emergency preparedness, crisis management, safety management, risk perception and risk communication.

At present the centre consists of nine cross disciplinary research groups focusing on different areas of research. The research has application towards, among other, transport, oil and gas, bank and finance, the health sector, governmental planning and regulation, as well as international crisis management.

The centres activities have strong links to the interdisciplinary PhD program in Risk Management and Societal Safety at the University of Stavanger, which is run by SEROS staff.

In addition to the centres commitment to research, the dissemination of ideas, theories and methods through tailor-made teaching programmes, as well as a number of related masters, are an important part in the centres activity portfolio.

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