Robust Regulation in the Petroleum Sector

The project is part of a major research program “Petromaks”, and is organized under the research area on Health, safety and work environment in the petroleum sector (HMSFORSK). The Research Council of Norway finances Petromaks.

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The project goals are: 

1. Understand and conceptualize the robustness of the Norwegian risk regulation regime within the petroleum sector

  • Assess the development of a Norwegian risk regulatory regime in the petroleum industry in perspectives of stakeholders power and interests
  • Conceptualize the roles that social and cultural values play as egalitarian principles and determinants in the development of the regime
  • Understand the relationship between the Norwegian regime and the development of self-regulation as regulatory principles

2. Assess the interrelation with UK and US regulatory regimes

  • Identify the main factors that have contributed to the development of the historical development of the regime
  • Identify characteristics the development of the Norwegian regime compared to UK- and US-regimes 
  • Assess the influence from UK and US towards the development of the Norwegian regime

3. Assess the interrelation between self-regulation and risk management systems and risk behaviour in the industry

  • Assess impacts of rules and regulation on management principles and practises (behaviour) in the industry
  • Assess influence of new trends in management ideology (e.g. Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility) on the regulatory regime
  • Assess organisational and technological change (as integrated operations) on the regulatory regime

4. Disseminate research based knowledge about risk regulation

  • Establish and develop cooperation with the international research community within risk regulation
  • Include a doctoral fellowship at UiS and master students in Stavanger (UiS), Trondheim (NTNU) and Oslo (UiO). 

Project organisation

The project is organised within an agreement of collaboration between the University of Stavanger, SINTEF, Technology and Society and Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture at the University of Oslo.

The project is followed by an international advisory group:

  • Project leader prof. Preben H. Lindøe, University of Stavanger:, phone +47 51 83 23 09
  • Prof. emeritus Michael Baram, Boston University Law School
  • Prof. Ortwin Renn, University of Stuttgart
  • Prof. David Walters, Department of Work Environment, Cardiff University