SHARE – Centre for Resilience in Healthcare

The UiS based research centre SHARE was established in 2017 and studies a range of issues related to risks in healthcare.

Over the past decades extensive research has been undertaken to understand the components of quality and safety in healthcare systems.

In Norway, as in many other countries, these issues are high on the political agenda and involve the components of safety, continuity, patient-centeredness, effectiveness, efficiency and equity.

Despite national public health efforts, the adverse event rate has remained at 13-16% for the last years for hospitalized patients in Norway. Internationally, research shows that the healthcare induced adverse event rate remains at an average og 10% for hospitalized patients and up to 24% for primary care patients (so far few studies document adverse event rates in primary care).

SHARE focuses its research on the following topics:

  • Resilience studies
  • Identification and reduction of risk in healthcare
  • Organizational factors
  • Cultural factors
  • Patient involvement and patient experiences
  • Coordination and transitional care
  • Regulation and accreditation
  • Interprofessional collaboration
  • The effects of quality and safety interventions
  • Implementation research
  • Simulation, training and healthcare education
  • Telecare

The research centre is multidisciplinary and the researchers academic fields include societal safety, risk management, health and medicine, change management, sociology, psychology, patient involvement and organizational studies.

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