Well represented at the 8th RHCN meeting in Awaji, Japan

The 8th Resilient Health Care Conference and Resilient Health Care Meeting (RHCN) was this year hosted by Japan at the Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center, Awaji Island, Hyogo.

SHARE researchers Back from left: Siri Wiig, Sina Øyri, Karina Aase, Inger Johanne Bergerød, Eline Ree. Front from left: Anna Sofia Aase (14 yr.), Lene Schibevaag, Veslemøy Guise, Finn Batt (2yr.), Cecilie Haraldseid-Drfitland (Photo: Private)

Approximately 116 clinicians and researchers from all over the world attended the Conference held on Sunday the 25th of August, while 59 clinicians and researchers took part in the subsequent meeting from Monday the 26th until Wednesday the 29th of August. Eight researchers from SHARE - Centre for Resilience in Healthcare attended both the conference and the following RHCN meeting.

Professor Siri Wiig and Post doctor Eline Ree presenting at the RHCN meeting (Photo: Private)

During the Resilient Health Care Conference the participants, largely stemming from universities and hospitals from across Japan, enjoyed a range of talks from leading researchers in the field of resilient healthcare. Amongst keynote speakers from Sweden, Australia, Japan, England, USA, and New Zealand, professor Siri Wiig from the SHARE Centre presented research on the role of managers and regulators in resilient healthcare.

The highly successful conference gave both the Norwegian participants and the rest of the audience the chance to form meaningful professional connections with both new and old collaborating partners. The conference ended with a delicious dinner where the participants got a taste of wonderful Japanese cuisine.

Japanese chef making sushi (Photo: Private)

Succeeding the conference the 8th Resilient Health Care Net Meeting (RHCN) commenced. The primary audience consisted of leading researchers and clinicians within the field of resilient healthcare. Participants represented a wide variety of countries, including Australia, Brazil, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar, Sweden, UK, USA and China.

Norway, represented by the SHARE researchers constituted one of the largest delegations. The design and nature of the RHCN meeting fit the purpose of short talks followed by long discussions and reflective conversations.

During the three day meeting all eight SHARE researchers contributed with either presentations or ‘lightening talks’ on their respective research. SHARE Centre Director, Karina Aase says in her comment:

– We are very happy with the sizable SHARE contribution at this years conference and RHCN meeting. From having been 1-2 representatives previous years to now being one of the two largest delegations at this venue enables our research to be highlighted and lays the foundation for extending our international collaboration. In addition it makes us more attractive to other international research groups

View of the Conference and RHCN meeting venue, Awaji Island Japan (Photo: Private).

Both the RHCN conference and the meeting was held in the beautiful surroundings of the Japanese Island Awaji, which provided all participants with perfect surroundings to form meaningful collaborative ties with fellow international colleagues. Thanks to the immaculate planning and preparations made by the Japanese Organizing Committee all participants were left with lots of new experiences and memories, providing grounds for future research and collaboration.

Contributions from SHARE at The Resilient Health Care Conference and The 8th Resilient Health Care Net Meeting 2019 (25 – 28 August).

  • Professor Siri Wiig: “What about the role of managers and regulators in resilient healthcare?”
  • PhD Scholar Inger Johanne Bergerød: “Developing methods to support collaborative learning and co-creation of resilience in hospital cancer care – results from a modified nominal group technique process”.
  • Research Coordinator SHARE Lene Schibevaag: “Next of kin involvement in regulatory investigation of patient deaths after adverse events – a source of resilience?”
  • Post doctor Veslemøy Guise: “Exploring patient and carer contributions to resilience in healthcare: a review of the literature”
  • PhD Scholar Sina Furnes Øyri: “Analyzing resilience across system boundaries – methodological challenges in a multilevel study of management regulation in Norway”
  • Post doctor Eline Ree: “Exploring managerial resilience in primary care”
  • Post doctor Cecilie Haraldseid-Driftland: “Collaborative learning in resilient healthcare studies – a meta-synthesis”