Improving the quality and safety of cancer care in hospitals: A study of next-of-kin involvement

The overall aim of Inger Johanne Bergerøds PhD study is to explore the influence of next-of-kin involvement in quality improvement and safety within cancer care in hospitals.

More specifically the aim is to increase knowledge about how next-of-kin experiences can improve cancer care quality and safety by studying their involvement, role and contribution. The project will investigate quality of care and patient safety in terms of a) qualitative mapping of next-of-kin involvement and methods in cancer care services (in-depth study of leaders and hospital staff) b) quantitative measure of next-of-kin experience with cancer care services (questionnaire survey) and c) a synthesis of measures (a and b) to suggest the most appropriate method for next-of-kin involvement in quality improvement of cancer care (Delphi-technique panel).

The project will study and compare two hospitals in one Regional Health Authority. The PhD-project will contribute to the international literature in the area of next-of-kin involvement and will contribute with a new perspective on quality and patient safety, by integrating the perspective of next-of-kin, patient safety and quality improvement in cancer care.

Inger Johanne Bergerød, UiS

Main Supervisor: Siri Wiig, UiS                                                 

Co-supervisors: Geir Sverre Braut, SUH, UiS & Bjørnar Gilje, SUH

Funded by Stavanger University Hospital (SUH)