Safer@Home: Telecare and Training

Veslemøy Guises PhD Project is concerned with the development, implementation and evaluation of telecare training programs for healthcare professionals working in municipal home care services for the elderly.

The aim of this action research project is to develop, implemet and evaluate an evidence-based telecare training program for healthcare professionals, based on stakeholder experiences and needs, and to explore the impact of training on the adoption, quality and safety of telecare in municipal home healthcare services. Telecare, the use of technology that enables healthcare professionlas to remotely care and support home dwelling individuals, promises to be an important solution to the many challenges facing future helathcare services.

While training is recommended as a fundamental part of telecare implementation processes, there is a lack of targeted training programs for home helathcare staff, and purpose and the role of training in the adoption, quality and safety of telecare services remains unclear. This research project seeks to fill this knowledge gap in close collaboration with service users and healthcare professionals as the primary intende3d users of new telecare technologies.

Veslemøy Guise