SAFE-LEAD: Improving quality and safety in primary care

Many leaders in primary care experience a lack of effective tools in dealing with quality and safety issues to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and safe Healthcare services.

There is a need for improved quality and safety competencies among leaders in home healthcare and nursing homes. The goal of SAFE-LEAD is to respond to this need.
The SAFE-LEAD Primary Care project, builds on the outcomes of the recent EU FP7 project QUASER. The project will develop, implement, and evaluate a research-based quality and safety improvement tool (leadership guide) in Norwegian primary care settings.

Implementing a Leadership Intervention in Nursing Homes and Homecare

The overall aim of this implementation study is to build leadership competence and guide primary care managers in their efforts to advance and improve vital quality and safety strategies, attitudes and practices. A leadership intervention will be tested in different primary care contexts including 4 nursing homes and 4 homecare services in Norwegian municipalities (rural/city). The Norwegian results will be compared with Dutch results from similar implementation projects.

The main objective of the project is to enhance leadership competencies and provide measures for safer, more efficient management and organization of primary care services.

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