The presentations from IOR NORWAY 2016

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26 April

«Joining forces to recover more»
Merete Vadla Madland, Director, The National IOR Centre of Norway

«IOR- Government perspective»
William Christensen, OED

Theme 1: Pilots and full field criteria for success

«Monitoring of the Ekofisk field with 4D seismic data from a permanently installed seafloor system»
Per Gunnar Folstad, ConocoPhillips
«CO2 Foam EOR Field Pilots for Efficient and More Sustainable Petroleum Production»
Arne Graue, UiB
«Water diversion EOR technique – Challenges related to Technology Development and Field Implementation»
Kjetil Skrettingland, Statoil

Theme 2: Reservoir characterization and production optimization

«Bayesian inversion methods for time-lapse seismic reservoir characterization and monitoring»
Dario Grana, University of Wyoming
«Can fluorescent nano-objects be used as reservoir tracers?»
Thomas Brichart, The National IOR Centre of Norway, IFE
«Optimization of subsurface flow»
Jan Dirk Jansen, TU Delft

Theme 3: Improved understanding/modeling of the IOR processes

«The Benefits and Risks of Fractures in Enhanced Oil Recovery»
Randy Seright, New Mexico IT
«A study of in-situ combustion for heavy oil recovery»
Margot Gerritsen, Stanford
«Impact of choke valves on the IOR polymer flooding efficiency. Lessons learned from Large scale tests»
Arne Stavland, The National IOR Centre of Norway, IRIS

27 April

Theme 4: The oil industry and IOR

«Making the impossible, possible. What’s needed to take oil recovery on the NCS to the next level?»
Karl Eirik Schøtt-Pedersen, Norsk olje og gass
«Challenges and Opportunities with IOR/EOR – Johan Sverdrup Field Development Planning»
Bjørn Egil Ludvigsen, Maersk
«Complex Fluids in EOR: Brazil-Norway ongoing collaborations»
Marcio S. Carvalho, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro

Theme 5: Pore scale fundamentals

«Direct pore scale modeling approaches to wettability»
Masa Prodanovic, UT Austin
«Can we measure core scale properties in pore scale models?»
Jan Ludvig Vinningland, The National IOR Centre of Norway, IRIS
«Confined fluid films, forces between mineral surfaces and the mechanical effects of pore fluid chemistry»
Anja Røyne, UiO
«Submicron investigations – What can we learn?»
Mona Minde, The National IOR Centre of Norway, UiS

Theme 6: Simulation of IOR Processes

«Flow – an open source research tool for reservoir simulation»
Robert Klöfkorn, The National IOR Centre of Norway, IRIS
«IORSim an add on tool to ECLIPSE for simulating IOR processes»
Aksel Hiorth, The National IOR Centre of Norway, IRIS
«Methodologies and robust algorithms for subsurface simulators»
Mary Wheeler, The University of Texas at Austin 


Abstracts IOR NORWAY 2016

PhD posters:

Zachary Alcorn (UiB) abstract

Erich Suter (IRIS/UiS) abstract

Anders Matheson (IRIS) abstract

Ashkan Jahanbani Ghahforokhi (NTNU) abstract

Hamid Hosseinzade (NTNU) abstract

Mario Silva (UiS) abstract

Mona Minde (UiS) abstract

Jaspreet Singh Sachdeva (UiS) abstract

Kun Guo (UiS) abstract

Laura Borromeo (UiS) abstract

Irene Ringen (UiS) abstract

Tijana Livada (UiS) abstract

Shaghayegh Javadi (UiS) abstract

Yiteng Zhang (UiS) abstract

Anna Kvashchuk (UiS) abstract

Mohan Sharma (UiS) abstract

Shidong Li (NTNU) abstract

Remya Nair (UiS) abstract

Oddbjørn Nødland (UiS) abstract

Aojie Hong (UiS) abstract

Eystein Opsahl (UiS) abstract

Sunniva Fredriksen (UiB) abstract

Arthur Rognmo (UiB) abstract

Presentations from the workshop 25 April

Aksel Hiorth (UiS/IRIS)

Arne Stavland (IRIS)

Jon Otto Fossum (NTNU)

Jarle Haukås (Schlumberger)

Lesley James (Memorial University)

Vegard R. Stenerud (Statoil)

Dmitry Shogin (UiS)