Mohan Sharma: My experiences of working at the National IOR Centre

It has been over a month since I started as a PhD candidate at the National IOR Centre of Norway. I'm settling in well. With an office in place, I can get going with my work.

Mohan Sharma, PhD, University of Stavanger, The National IOR Centre of Norway Me, at my 'pseudo' lab

I've been here in Stavanger for a couple of years, so had enough time to explore the town, and culture in this part of the world. But I'm new to the university, and (sometimes) need luck to find my way around!

It was busy just before the start of semester break. I'm working on a project which is collaboration between UiS and UiB. I've travelled twice to Bergen in such a short span to get up to speed on ongoing research; (I think) I now have a fair idea about the research. I wish I had stayed there bit longer for a hike ... I'll surely plan for this next time!

There are 10 more universities from Europe and USA working in this collaboration project with a shared vision of research on Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS). Exciting, isn't it? I'll get to work with researchers coming from various disciplines, and will spend 6 months outside Norway next year at one of these universities. I hope this exposure complement to my experience in Reservoir Engineering ...  Having said that there are some challenges as well, with working in a big collaboration esp. around communication and travel, and I was a bit skeptic before beginning in the position. So far we have tested using video chats and platforms for data sharing; the technology seems to work fine! We have also agreed to log important communications as we progress. Will see how it goes …

The Research

So what's the research about? I'll be working on CO2-Foam EOR field pilot tests. Foam would sound familiar to many! There is a long list of products with foam around us - foods (whipped cream, champagne), detergents, personal care products, fire extinguisher ... I knew about some of them, but had no clue until recently that foaming agents can prove useful for gasflood mobility control. A lot of experimental work has been carried out on CO2-Foam coreflood over recent years at UiS/IRIS and UiB to understand the displacement mechanisms. I'll be working on numerical modelling of these aspects in heterogeneous reservoirs, and appropriate scale-up based on pilot studies planned for next year.

I've been spending most of my time these days reading through publications. Other than that, I have identified some courses at Uni which I'd like to get done with this year. And with the 2nd IOR Conference around the corner, I'll soon get to meet fellow colleagues working in this domain.

Looking forward to an exciting year :-) Until next time!



The Petroleum and Process Technology Research Group, UiB - One of the National collaborators

The Petroleum and Process Technology Research Group, UiB - One of the National collaborators