Samuel Erzuah: Awesome experience at the Centre

I would like to express my gratitude to The National IOR Centre of Norway for the honour bestowed on me to contribute toward the oil industry.

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    «Estimating the wettability in my «Natural laboratory» for an oil-wet Berea Sandstone reservoir (my face with different body lotions smeared on it each day ) and with the heavy downpour in Stavanger serving as the formation water, I can confidently estimate the wettability».
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    Wettability estimation by oil adsorption experimental set-up by courtesy of Biolin Scientific.

I have a Well Engineer background from the University of Stavanger (UiS) and with 16th June, 2015 as my graduation date. On that fateful day, I was urged to apply for a vacant PhD position. A date was slated for the interview after which I had to anxiously wait for nearly five months in anticipation of favorable response due to the summer break. I was privileged to be offered the position and with 1st November, 2015 as my commencement date.

The lab rat

I am committed to and passionate about whatever I do no matter how small or how big it might look like. Being a “laboratory rat”, I enjoy working in the laboratory (my second home :) ). I am enthused about my PhD Research with the reason being that, I have the largest laboratory one can ever think of. In other words, in addition to the state-of-the-art laboratory available to me at IRIS, the Norwegian oil-city (Stavanger) is my “natural laboratory” to undertake my PhD research. 

This is because, Stavanger is second to Bergen with respect to heavy downpour. With my body as the reservoir rock (test sample), I smear different types of body lotion on my face each day to depict the different oil reservoirs due to the differences in their depositional environment. Finally, with the reliable heavy downpour from Stavanger serving as the formation water, I can estimate the wettability in my natural laboratory. This wettability estimate can then be translated into its in-situ reservoir counterpart, if the appropriate parameters are taken into consideration.  Hence, every time I leave the IRIS laboratory, my experiment continues unabated due to the assurance of constant rain I will experience on my way home. :) 

About my research

My PhD research is titled “wettability estimation by oil adsorption”. To the ordinary man, Wettability ( Wettability = “Wet” + “Ability” ) is simply the “ability” to “wet” a surface. Wettability is an indispensable parameter in multiphase flow in the oil and gas reservoir. Most often than not, reserves are either under-estimated or over-estimated due to inaccurate wettability estimation. This usually leads to an erroneous decision being taken. Although wettability estimation is not new to the oil and gas industry, we will like to understand its mechanisms at the pore level by using the oil adsorption techniques as illustrated in the schematic above.

It’s our prayer that, we come up with a model that will accurately estimate the wettability. There is a saying that, “With determination failure cannot dismantle the flag of success”. We are convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that; the sky is our stepping stone!!!!!

Until then, let’s join forces to recover more! :D