The PhD students

Who are these PhDs we keep hearing about? And what are they working on? Do they take selfies in the labs? Of course they do. On this page you can read more about the every day struggles and joys of our hard working PhDs.

Each year, The Centre will have four or five PhD students within each of two Research Themes. In addition, at least six postdocs will be employed, distributed between UiS, IRIS and IFE.

PhDs/postdocs will be encouraged to spend up to six months with one of our international collaborators.

UiS started a new two-year MSc with emphasis on IOR-EOR in the autumn of 2013. The programme will be closely integrated with the ongoing two-year MSc in Petroleum Geoscience Engineering, with some 50 graduates combined.

Jaspreet Singh Sachdeva Jaspreet Singh Sachdeva