PROFRES aims to be an arena for research on changing professional practices in the areas of health, welfare and education.

Objectives of the research school

This includes doctoral work which is based on “research issues” especially relevant to professional practice – which is potentially but not necessary inter-professional in nature. Such research issues often presuppose an interdisciplinary approach both in research and in practice. The research school’s primary goal is to educate researchers who are then positioned to develop critical, constructive and action-oriented knowledge about and for professions and professional practices in a state of change.

PROFRES shall:

  1. Contribute to increased knowledge and reflection on interdisciplinary and interprofessional research about professional practice in relevant contexts
  2. Contribute to increased knowledge and contribute to reflection on conditions and what characterizes cooperation between practice oriented professions
  3. Develop the ability to identify, analyse and evaluate practice-near research questions
  4. Contribute to increased understanding of the differences and similarities between professions in a state of change
  5. Contribute to increased understanding for- and development of- a knowledge based practice
  6. Increase the ability to implement relevant knowledge for the various professions
  7. Function as a meeting place where doctoral candidates can gain qualifications and prepare themselves for national and international research careers
  8. Improved completion rates in doctoral programmes


The research school’s contribution

The research school aims to have relevance to both the PhD candidates and the higher institutions they are recruited from. In addition, it may provide the health, welfare and education sectors with important expertise with regards to developing more knowledge-based services, and consequently be an important venue for developing professions as a research field.  

Through collaboration between researchers and candidates from the health, welfare and the educational sectors, PROFRES aims to be a multidisciplinary arena for strengthening professions oriented and practice-near research.

Mutual meetings between doctoral candidates and researchers from different professional backgrounds, as well as participation in courses and symposia, will give candidates insight into issues relevant to practice in a professional landscape undergoing change. It also provides knowledge of comparative approaches.

The research school will furthermore contribute to develop a joint academic and research fellowship in order to improve services within the health, welfare and education sectors (critical-constructive).