Ocean technology research

University of Stavanger has defined ocean as a strategic research area for the next three years (2018-2020).

Ocean Technology

The ocean is one of Earth's most valuable natural resources. It provides seafood, transportation, oil and gas, minerals, renewable energy as well as tourism and recreation. 

Norway has gained enormous fortune from the ocean such as offshore oil and gas extraction, ship technology with corresponding equipment industry, fisheries technology and aquaculture technology. 

Currently Norway is one of world leaders in education, research, and innovation for engineering systems in the ocean environment. 

Four research areas

To achieve its goals in these fields, UiS has gathered academic staff with strong academic and industrial competences, postdoctoral researchers, PhD research fellows and laboratory engineers at UiS, together with industrial collaborators. Together they form OTICS: Ocean Technology Cluster Stavanger. OTICS has four main research areas: 

  1.   Aquaculture technology
  2.   Subsea technology and deep-sea mining
  3.   Fjord crossings
  4.   Marine Technology and Operations for Offshore Wind 


UiS is a member of the Norwegian Marine University Consortium (NMU), which in turn is part of the European Marine Board.