Ocean Technology Innovation Cluster Stavanger (OTICS)

The goal for OTICS is to achieve high-quality research through international and national cooperation, and to establish the University of Stavanger as one of the leading research institutions in Ocean Technology.

Illustration: Shoreline AS Illustration: Shoreline AS

The aim of Ocean Technology Innovation Cluster Stavanger (OTICS) is to gather academic staff with strong academic and industrial competences at University of Stavanger (UiS) together with industrial collaborators to achieve these goals:

  • Achieving high-quality research through international and national cooperation and being attractive as an excellent research institution in Ocean Technology.
  • Stimulating new industrial and innovative products together with industrial partners
  • Establishing a network for interaction between researchers in cross-disciplinary research areas and industries
  • Increasing the number of successful applications to the Research Council of Norway and the European Commission
  • Increasing PhD positions
  • Improving teaching quality
  • Engage in cooperation with other leading research institutions on ocean technology

OTICS will stimulate active educational and research collaborations among the academic staff, research staff, laboratory engineers and industrial partners. It will lead to joint research projects between the university and companies, joint research funding applications, joint-degree master and PhD programs, international industrial collaboration as well as participation in national center of excellence applications.

Four research areas

The cluster aims to develop excellent research within four focused research areas:

  1.   Aquaculture technology
  2.   Subsea technology and deep-sea mining
  3.   Offshore bridges 
  4.   Marine Technology and Operations for Offshore Wind 

This will stimulate further research within the strategic area Ocean at the Faculty of Science and Technology, and thus improve the level of multidisciplinary research and collaborative projects.