Smart city - Research at UiS

Creating a smart city requires joint efforts of city planners, technologists, energy experts, social scientists, artists and others. The University of Stavanger conducts interdisciplinary research in the field of smart cities and collaborate with other organizations involved in this field.

Smart city illustration

Tomorrow's society must be more environmentally friendly, efficient, and user-friendly than it is today. To achieve this, we have to find new and better solutions for our citizen, and this requires research, development, and collaboration between various academic disciplines and not least collaboration between public and private sectors.

Important role

Many researchers at the University of Stavanger are involved in smart city related research and development projects. They represent very different disciplines, including urban planning, information technology, security, economics, politics, innovation, education, and the arts and culture.

Recently, the University of Stavanger has chosen Smart City as a strategic priority and has established a university-wide smart city research network to further strengthen this area.


The university is also leading a consortium that seeks to establish a national center of excellence for smart city research called .

Read more about the various thematic initiatives and projects on these pages, and feel free to contact our researchers!