Energy solutions in smart cities

Innovation and development in the energy sector are crucial to making urban areas more sustainable. The University of Stavanger has several projects in this field.

Wind turbines made for urban neighborhoods.

UiS has excellent expertise in data analysis and processing of large amounts of data. Our researchers are experts in integrated energy solutions, energy analyzes, and energy security.

UiS focuses on energy informatics, an emerging interdisciplinary field that deals with digitization of the entire value chain in the energy sector. It is about utilizing ICT methods, tools, and techniques to achieve sustainable energy production and use.

An ongoing project called PACE is about improving research and education to ensure that the sector gets engineers with the right expertise. This is necessary for the energy sector to develop in the desired direction.

Smart power management

One of the challenges the power grid faces as the fleet is electrified is that the load becomes more uneven. How should we make sure that "everyone" can charge their electric car at the same time, without overloading the grid?

The SmartNEM project will develop tools for efficient management of household or neighborhood energy production and consumption. This can be done through various mechanisms, which, among other things, allow energy sharing and trade between households, neighborhoods, and communities.

Living energy lab

UiS is also researching smart technologies to harness solar and wind power. Eco-friendly energy networks have a "living lab"on the Ullandhaug campus, where they test a wind turbine specially designed for urban areas, as well as smart use of solar energy.

Energy systems are changing

Our researchers are also part of a major European project on how our energy systems need to change in order to create a more sustainable transformation and use of energy.

The project is called ENSYSTRA- Energy Systems in Transition and was started in 2017. Both technologists and social scientists from UiS are part of the project.

The same research environment participate in a Norwegian-Indian collaboration on how we can most effectively decarbonize our two countries' energy systems. This will also involve the use of smart city technology.