Centre for Organelle Research

The overall vision of CORE is to understand the biological function and complexity of organelles in eukaryotic cells.

Photo of organelles from microscope

To achieve this CORE provides a cutting-edge, ambitious and dynamic research environment that attracts some of the best scientists and collaborators worldwide.

Partners and collaborators

CORE represents a consortium consisting of the University of StavangerStavanger University Hospital and the International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS)

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The main missions at CORE

The centre has the following three main missions: Research, Innovation and Education. 

Research activities are broad ranging from bacteria to plant and human cell systems, but with a common focus centred on organelles. CORE aims at being a partner in regional, national and international research, and holds facilities with state of the art equipment for cross-disciplinary research collaborations.

Innovation is key in biology. CORE strives towards new ways of thinking, the development of new methodologies and being up to date on current research within our fields of interest.

Education represents the cornerstone in society. In research and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. CORE aims to provide first-class education from undergraduate to postgraduate research training. We are also involved in public outreach activities, informing the general public of our research areas.  

Organization of CORE 

CORE is headed by Prof. Lutz Andreas Eichacker. The centre is currently comprised of seven research groups, which are headed by:

More than 15 PhD students and Postdoctoral Researchers currently work at CORE. One of our objectives is to educate the next generation of young scientists. Read more about opportunities at CORE.

Infrastructure and facilities

CORE is located in Måltidets hus, a building in the Innovasjonspark Stavanger (IPark), which harbours 1400 m2 custom-designed CORE laboratories. Read more about infrastructure at Core.