Infrastructure at Core

CORE is located in Måltidets hus, a building in the Innovasjonspark Stavanger (IPark), which harbours 1400 m2 custom-designed CORE laboratories.

Lab located in iPark building, Måltidets Hus

In addition to general laboratory space, CORE houses state-of-the-art cell biology, biochemistry, proteomics, and live-cell imaging facilities.

A selection of equipment and facilities located at CORE:

Cell culture lab (BSL-2)

Plant growth facilities

Confocal microscopes:

  • Nikon A1 / A1R Confocal Laser Microscope System with two digital cameras and NIS elements software with UNO stage top CO2 incubator and air pump for live-cell imaging
  • Leica TCS SP8 Confocal Laser Microscopy Platform with incubation chamber with temperature, air, and humidity control for live-cell imaging

Nikon TE microscope

Roche Light Cycler 96 for real-time PCR

Walters MICROMASS MALDI-Q-Tof Premier

Walters NanoAcquity Ultra Performance LC

Thermo Multiskan Ascent plate reader

Monolith Nanotemper

BioRad S3e™ Cell Sorter

High speed and ultraspeed centrifuges

BioRad Gun PDS-100/HE Bioindustrie Particle delivery system

BioRad ChemidocTouch

Agilent Seahorse XFp Bioanalyzer

BD Accuri C6 Flow cytometer

For CORE employees and students

Book time on an instrument by logging into the URLabs booking system. Contact Julie Nikolaisen if you need assistance.

For those outside CORE

Please contact Lutz Eichacker to discuss CORE lab facilities and equipment available for external use.