Oil, gas and renewable energy

The University of Stavanger is world-class when it comes to petroleum science. It also has strong research groups in the offshore technology field.

Illustrasjon av oljerigg i storm (Ole Andre Hauge, NettOp/UiS)

Within petroleum engineering, research areas include drilling, natural gas, investment and decision analysis, petroleum geosciences, production and reservoir.

Offshore technology research includes principles, theories and methods for planning, development, management and dismantling technological systems and equipment, particularly focused on offshore installations. One of these research groups also research offshore wind turbines and farms.

There is also a strong scientific group within oil field production chemistry. These researchers design, develop and test new chemicals specifically for offshore oil and gas production.

Furthermore, our Centre for industrial asset management (CIAM) is a knowledge network which provides experience sharing, learning, education and R&D on industrial asset management.

The petroleum industry is Norway's biggest source of income and plays an important role in world economy. The UiS is therefore proud to have Norway's largest research group studying petroleum economy.

Risk management is also of crucial relevance to the oil and gas industry. Our university has for decades been world-leading in this field and many of these activities are organised within the Centre for risk management and societal safety (SEROS). 

Various research groups also participate in other UiS-related research centres.