MELD Catalogues

The MELD Corpus is accompanied by a range of contextual and classifying information, stored both as traditional catalogue descriptions and as searchable metadata.

The MELD Readable Catalogue provides detailed catalogue entries for all texts contained in the Corpus. The currently published version relates to the East Counties instalment of version 2017.1. This version of the Catalogue is not yet complete even for these texts, with the exception of the Cambridge texts (completed for Bergstrøm 2017, see Introduction). For the rest of the corpus, many of the physical descriptions are missing or incomplete and the identification of script labels may not be fully consistent.  We would therefore like to ask users to treat the Catalogue as ongoing work; it is, however, felt that, even in its current state, it is useful enough to be shared.

The MELD Readable Catalogue  (pdf)

The MELD Searchable Catalogue is made available as an Excel spreadsheet. Each line represents a record of a text in the Corpus, including a range of categories of metadata, such as County, Place, Date, Regnal period, Function, Format and so on.  Only directly searchable content is included in the spreadsheet; for longer, discursive descriptions see the Readable Catalogue.

The MELD Searchable Catalogue