A Corpus of Middle English Local Documents (MELD) - Corpus files

This is the MELD corpus page. You can either download the files from here, or open and read them in the .pdf version.

Reading the texts on screen:

In order to simply read the texts in the corpus, you can access the Readable version in .pdf format. The texts are ordered first according to county and then by code. The same order is followed in the Readable Catalogue.

MELD 2017.1 - Eastern Counties (pdf)

Downloading the corpus:

The corpus is published in four flavours, each of which is available for downloading as a .zip archive.  Please note that, in order to read the special symbols used in the Reading and Diplomatic versions, the fonts accompanying the files should be kept in the same directory. With the Concordancer version, you may also like to download the AntConc settings file which, stored in the same directory, will allow you to use AntConc directly without the need to define settings.

MELD 2017.1 - Eastern Counties: The Base version (zip)

These are the 'raw' transcriptions. They contain the largest amount of information and should be used for reference.

MELD 2017.1 - Eastern Counties: The Readable version (zip)

This is a traditional edition meant for reading. Some of the manuscript detail is lost, and most coding has been removed.

MELD 2017.1 - Eastern Counties: The Diplomatic version (zip)

This is an edition that presents manuscript letter shapes and other signs iconically. Most coding has been removed.

MELD 2017.1 - Eastern Counties: The Concordance version (zip)

This version consists of UTF 8-encoded text files designed for use with a concordancer. We particularly recommend AntConc, the 3.2.x version. For best results, download the settings file below and store it in the same directory as the text files.

Settings for AntConc 3.2.x

Settings for AntConc 3.4.x

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