Ongoing Work

Currently ongoing work:

A Corpus of Middle English Local Documents (MELD). A corpus of documentary texts (legal and administrative documents, letters etc) from the period 1399-1525, that are connected to specific locations on non-linguistic grounds. Version 2017.1 is being published in instalments from May 2017: the first instalment, A Corpus of Middle English Local Documents: the East Midlands becomes available 31 May 2017.

The Middle English Grammar Corpus (MEG-C). A corpus of Middle English texts mapped in LALME. Current published version: 2011.1.  An updated version is planned to be published in 2018.

PhD projects:

From the core to the edge: a study of a Lollard manuscript. Mari Landsnes.  To be completed in 2018.

A study of multilingualism in the late medieval material of the Hampshire Record Office. Delia Schipor. To be completed in 2017.

Yeuen at Cavmbrigg: a study of the late medieval English documents of Cambridge. Geir Bergstrøm. Submitted 2017.