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10/02/2011, MEG-C, version 2011.1

The new version of the Middle English Grammar Corpus is launched today!  Minor adjustments and additions will be carried out over the next week or two, and we will notify here when they are completed.  Version 2011.1 introduces a new flavour of the corpus, the Concordance version, which consists of text files that are specifically designed for efficient use with a concordancer or other corpus software.  The updated Manual contains guidelines for the use of the Concordance version with the concordancing programme AntConc 3.2.1.  The updated and expanded Catalogue now provides word counts for all texts, as well as a more detailed classification of legal documents.  MEG-C 2011.1 contains 87 new texts, making the total number of texts 410.

Main news in 2010:  Vibeke Jensen defended successfully her PhD thesis in October, and is now working as Associate Professor in English Language at Volda University College.  Both she and Martti Mäkinen (Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki) continue as co-workers on the project.  Jacob Thaisen joined the project team in August, as he took up a position as Associate Professor in Literacy Studies at Stavanger. 


18/12/2009 MEG-C, version 2009.1

The new version of The Middle English Grammar Corpus is out today! There are 120 new texts, and the MEG-C Catalogue has been updated accordingly. We have also gone over to a new numbering system, where the version number tells the year of publication and the version within that year. Thus the current update is called "MEG-C, version 2009.1".

We have archived the version 1.0 (now called version 2008.1), and that version is still available as .zip archives, both in .txt and .pdf.

04/05/2008 MEG-C, version 1.0

The Middle English Grammar Corpus, version 1.0 is now out. After this, new texts will be uploaded twice a year,  and these updates will result in a new version number. Earlier versions will be archived, and they will be available for downloading.

27/04/2008 MEG-C post-symposium

The Middle English Grammar Symposium finished yesterday, and the organizers would like to thank all the delegates and everybody else who contributed to the warm atmosphere of the symposium. We hope that the two days were enjoyable to all who participated and that it was worth the effort. There will be a picture page of the conference soon, check this news item again!

24/04/2008 MEG-C Symposium; MEG-C version 1.0

The Middle English Grammar Corpus will be officially launched tomorrow, April 25th. We have invited colleagues from Norway and UK to a two-day symposium to mark the occasion. Locally, the event is covered at the University of Stavanger web site, and Stavanger Aftenbladet.

After MEG-C Symposium, by April 30th,  we will 'freeze' the current version of the corpus, and it will be numbered version 1.0. Later major updates of the corpus will receive a new number. These updates will take place when we have several new texts processed; we hope we can update the corpus at least every six months. When an update takes place, we will provide a link to the earlier versions of the corpus.

17/04/2008 Creative Commons license and MEG-C

The Middle English Grammar Project has decided to distribute the material published on this web site under a Creative Commons license. The license type is called Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike, and you can learn more about the license and the rights we reserve by clicking the Creative Commons link below.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License


27/03/2008 Alternative versions of MEG-C

Alternative versions of MEG-C, for easier reading on screen, have been now uploaded. The texts can now be viewed as html documents, and viewed/downloaded as pdf files. The version of the corpus is called .

20/12/2007 The first installment of The Middle English Grammar Corpus

The MEG web site is now up and running! The first version of MEG-C has been uploaded (MEG-C Base, see the link on the left or click here: MEG-C), and more will follow. Merry Christmas to one and all!