Publications associated with MEG

The following list contains a selection of recent publications by members of the MEST team.


Jensen, Vibeke (2012), ‘The consonantal element (th) in some Late Middle English Yorkshire texts’, in J. Tyrkkö et al. (eds), Outposts of Historical Corpus Linguistics: From the Helsinki Corpus to a Proliferation of Resources. Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English, 10. Helsinki: VARIENG.

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Thengs, Kjetil V. (2015), ‘Compactness of expression in Late Middle English legal documents’. Filologia Germanica - Germanic Philology 7, 163–181.

PhD theses related to the project:

Thengs, Kjetil (2013), English medieval documents of the North-West Midlands: a study in the language of a real space text corpus. University of Stavanger.

Støle, Hildegunn (2013), Interjections in late Middle English play texts: a multi-variable pragmatic approach. University of Stavanger.

Jensen, Vibeke (2010), Studies in the medieval dialect materials of the West Riding of Yorkshire. University of Stavanger.

Geir Bergstrøm, (submitted 2017) “Yeuen at Cavmbrigg” - A Study of the Late Medieval English Documents of Cambridge

Masters theses related to the project:

Bergstrøm, Geir (2013), 'Two Cambridge guild ordinances based on the same template: an edition of the ordinances of the guilds of St. Clement and All Saints'. University of Stavanger.

Schipor, Delia (2013), 'Multilingual practices in late medieval English official writing: an edition of documents from the Beverley Town Cartulary'. University of Stavanger.

Halvorsen, Anne Liv Vastveit (2011), ‘The diatopic variation in ME a, o and ai in Older Scots’. University of Stavanger.

Sandvold, Silje Elise Nising (2010), 'Scribal variation in a legal document: a study of the bounding of Barmston (1473)'. University of Stavanger.

Wojtalik, Beata (2010), 'The way of obtaining the Grand Elixir: an edition of the "Tamyrtone" text in BL Harley 1747'. University of Stavanger.

Landsnes, Mari Munthe (2008), 'A treatise against dice: an edition of a Wycliffite tract'. University of Stavanger.

Naydenova, Nedelina Vasileva (2008), ‘A study of the dialectal materials of medieval Durham’. University of Stavanger.

Thengs, Kjetil Vikhamar (2008), ’An edition of Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Douce 78, medical recipes on ff. 7v-17v’. University of Stavanger.

Bratland, Vibeke Jensen (2006), ’The third-person plural pronouns in late medieval Norfolk: a study of scribal variation in fifteenth-century texts’. University of Stavanger.

Støle, Hildegunn (2006), 'The marking of interpersonal relationships in the Middle English Abraham and Isaac plays'. University of Stavanger.