Getting to know each other

With a new management team in place, and also new PhD students and postdocs, the IOR Centre arranged a get-together at NORCE.

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    The IOR gathering at NORCE was arranged especially for the new management team to introduce themselves, and to get to know each other better.
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    Centre director Ying Guo discussing with Jan Ludvig Vinningland. In the background Micol Pezzotta.
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    Skule Strand (UiS) and Tor Bjørnstad (IFE).
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    Steinar Sanni with the PhD students Arun Selvam and Andre Morosov.
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    The new administrative coordinator Micol Pezzotta in a conversation with Sissel Opsahl Viig.
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    The leaders for theme 1, Aksel Hiorth and Tina Puntervold.
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    New postdoc Aleksandr Mamonov and PhD student Panos Aslanidis.

This internal IOR Centre gathering was arranged to get to know each other better. With new management team in place, Ying Guo, Tina Puntervold and Micol Pezzotta, the agenda was short introductions of everyone and pitches of each research task and project in the Centre.


The participants was split into groups to discuss topics relevant for the last two years of teh Centre's lifetime:

  • Input to 2020 workplan, and for the final deliveries in remaining IOR Centre lifetime
  • Link to our societal challenges - UN's Sustainable Development Goals
  • When discussing with journlists, politicians and "man in the street" about your work: What is the future of our industry?

Climate friendly IOR?

In the third theme (the future of the industry), the groups also discussed how our work can contribute to reduce the emission causing climate change. This is some of the answers:

  • Join forces to recover more efficiently (with minimum environmental impact)
  • Smarter solutions; reduce water production, cost efficient, energy efficient​
  • CO2-EOR