Interpore Workshop summed up

Interesting talks, challenging questions and mingling with colleagues – the 3rd National Workshop on Porous Media is now history.

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    Bill Rossen from TU Delft gave the opening presentation at the workshop on the topic "Successes and Challenges for Microfluidics as Models for 3D Porous Media".
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    Dmitry Shogin, The National IOR Centre of Norway / UiS.
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    Aksel Hiorth and Dmitry Shogin from the Organization Committee UiS/NORCE.
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    Martin Fernø (UiB) gave the presentation "Laboratory pore-scale observations related to CO2 storage and CCUS".
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    Johan Olav Helland (NORCE) presenting.
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    Alex Hansen (NTNU) talking to Egil Boye Petersen (AkerBP) and Sarah Gasda (NORCE). Gasda was chair for the last session at the workshop.
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    From the poster session afterwards.

The National IOR Centre of Norway was hosting the 3rd National Workshop on Porous Media 16 October 2019. 

The event took place in Oljemuseet, Stavanger. Around 40 participants got the latest update on recent technological advances in porous media research, microfluidics, thermo/fluid dynamics, and rheology – theory, modelling, and experiments.

See programme here

Interpore Norway is providing a platform for the Norwegian porous media researchers/scientists to come together and exchange ideas. For this reason, Interpore Norway arranges an annual workshop for all that are interested in porous media research and technology.

What is Interpore?

Porous media are encountered in many natural and industrial systems, such as soils, aquifers, oil and gas reservoirs, biological tissues and plants, but also fuel cells, concrete, textiles, polymer composites, and in-tissue drug delivery, to name a few. Many of these porous systems are extremely complex.

Interpore acts as a platform for researchers active in modelling flow and transport in porous media. Flow and transports of fluids also coupled with temperature, deformation, and chemical/biological processes.

Understanding porous media systems

The International Society for Porous Media (Interpore) is a non-profit-making independent scientific organization established in 2008. It aims to advance and disseminate knowledge for the understanding, description, and modeling of natural and industrial porous media systems. The Norwegian Chapter of Interpore, Interpore Norway, was established in 2016.

Text and photos: Kjersti Riiber