Non-Newtonian fluids at the pub

Dmitry Shogin shared his knowledge on non-Newtonian fluids in an event at Folken – a monthly science social arranged by the Department of Energy Resources.

A man giving a presentation at a pub. Dmitry Shogin managed to both enlighten and engage the audience at Folken. Photo: Lisa Jean Watson

The Department of Energy Resources at the University of Stavanger started organizing a monthly science social at Folken in September.

In the second month on October 9th, Associate Professor Dr. Dmitry Shogin fascinated an audience of about 30 people with his talk "The amazing non-Newtonian fluids: They adapt, they remember, they rule!". 

Audience members included staff and students from the Department, The National IOR Centre of Norway, some industry guests, and interested members of the public.

Dr. Shogin made non-Newtonian fluids an accessible topic for the non-expert, even using various props to illustrate the behavior of different non-Newtonian fluids. Everyone attending agreed it was an agreeable way to spend an evening by having a cold drink and learning about science.

The Department plans to continue with events with a pub quiz in November.