Portrait of the month: Mehul

Mehul Vora is one of the New PhD candidates at the Centre. His project will take us one step closer towards greener IOR.

Portrait of the month: Mehul Mehul Vora hopes conclusions from his research will help in understanding environmental risk / benefits associated with different IOR solutions. Private photo

«What is your role in The National IOR Centre of Norway?»

«I am working as a PhD student in Task 4 (1.4.6) under Theme 1. The main objective of my research is to evaluate environmental risk / benefits associated with the IOR solutions (products and process).»

«What do you like most working for the Centre?»

«There are wide range of projects that are currently going on at the Centre which offers a great opportunity to learn and grow. Moreover, everybody at the Centre has a positive attitude and is always welcoming with a smile.»

«What is your background?» 

«I’ve two Masters, the first in Process Technology from University of South-Eastern Norway and the second in Environmental Monitoring and Nature Management from University of Stavanger. My bachelor was in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pune in India.»

«How will you contribute to The National IOR Centre of Norway in the future?»

«I hope conclusions from my research will help in understanding environmental risk / benefits associated with different IOR solutions. Subsequently, it will help in better decision making to reduce environmental risk wherever possible and prioritize more environmentally friendly solutions.»

«Why is IOR important?»

«IOR helps to extend the life of an oil field by recovering remaining oil reserves which I think is beneficial from both environmental and economic perspective when life cycle assessment is considered.»

«In what way is IOR environmentally friendly?»

«Well, that is going to be a conclusion of my study...:). However, there are various IOR solutions that seems to be environmentally friendly for ex smart water, CO2 etc. I think I will be able to comment more on this question once I am closer to finishing my thesis.»

«What makes you happy?»

«I completed my master’s at UiS in 2017 so coming back to the university again and walking along different corridors here and living my earlier memories again is making me extremely happy these days.»

«Do you prefer books or a movie?»

«Movie, I am sorry to disappoint all the intellectual crowd out there.»

«As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?»  

«I wanted to become an aeronautical engineer but then became a chemical engineer, and then did two Masters so I feel that I am just responding to a stimuli and trying to make the most out of it.»

«If stuck in an elevator, who would you rather be stuck with?»

«I am still waiting to find the right person with whom I would like to get stuck in an elevator, so not taking elevator until then.»