She is ready for new challenges

Centre director Merete Vadla Madland starts her new job as Prorector of research at University of Stavanger 1 August.

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    Five and a half years as Centre Director is soon history for Merete Vadla Madland. Here with Dean Øystein Lund Bø. Photo: Mari Løvås
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    Dean Øystein Lund Bø and Merete Vadla Madland. Photo: Mari Løvås
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    In the board meeting 12 June Merete Vadla Madland was celebrated with cake. Photo: Mari Løvås

Merete Vadla Madland has led The National IOR Centre of Norway since the start, in December 2013. Now she is ready for new challenges as Prorector of research at University of Stavanger. She starts her new job 1 August.

«There is a strong research environment at UiS, but we can be even better, especially when it comes to visibility. Working closely with the Research Council of Norway, I have seen their priorities for the future, and the new word is "impact",» Madland says, convinced that visibility is the best way for the researchers at UiS to influence.

Will increase funding

One of the tasks as Prorector for research is to ensure that the researchers at UiS apply for big national and European grants.

«I will work to increase funding for new grants from the Research Council of Norway and EU projects. In addition, I am concerned about interdisciplinary collaboration within research,» Madland says.

As Prorector of research, Madland is also responsible for the research centres at UiS, amongst them The National IOR Centre of Norway.

Good research, good students

Madland says that good research projects also attract good students to the university. She thinks that a strong research environment is as important as the quality of the study portfolio when it comes to attracting new students.

«It is inspiring to bring young students into the research environment and see the transition they go through, from the start as bachelor students to becoming experienced research fellows,» she says.

In the board meeting of the Centre 12 June, Dean Øystein Lund Bø notified the board members of the process of finding Madland's successor. When a candidate is ready, the decision must be approved by the board.

Text: Kjersti Riiber