We will recover! IOR NORWAY 2016

The second conference hosted by The National IOR Centre of Norway was held April 26-27, with a related workshop on April 25. Despite the bad times in the oil industry, close to 300 participants joined the conference.

Participants at IOR NORWAY 2016 Participants at IOR NORWAY 2016.

«I am very happy to see the enthusiasm and optimism many of the speakers are showing. In The National IOR Centre of Norway we are enthusiastic about the future –  improved recovery is an area ripe for further research and development, especially as pressures now grows for more efficient, cost reducing and environmentally sensitive operations,» says Centre Director, professor Merete Vadla Madland.

«The oil price will once again increase and then, more important than ever,  it will be crucial to have the unique competence as we together push and work forward in The National IOR Centre of Norway. We will recover,» she says.

Second conference

This is the second conference arranged by The National IOR Centre of Norway, last year more than 300 people signed up for IOR NORWAY 2015.

«We are very close to the same number of people this year, and for me this is a great honour,» Madland says. «This means that what we do is important, and it inspires us to work even harder.»

Poster Sessions

New at IOR NORWAY 2016 were PhD poster sessions. A total of 24 PhD candidates had sent in their posters, and presented at one-minute stand-up sessions. The most promising candidate was awarded the Skjæveland Award, a newly established prize, awarded to promote great research and promise. After two long days of evaluating, the winner was elected: Irene Ringen from The National IOR Centre of Norway.

Next year

«We are very happy to announce that next year's conference will be hosted in collaboration with EAGE under the theme: Sustainable IOR in a Low Oil Price World,» says Madland. 

The next conference will be held 24–27 April 2017.