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The increase in accessibility to information via the internet has made it possible to develop and implement new teaching methods. We have already seen how online education has exploded in scope, and how large reputable universities have made their courses available to students outside their institutions. The arrival of the ubiquitous internet can potentially change the entire structure of our sector.

Today's students represent the first real “digital “generation that has grown up with the internet in their daily lives. This new generation of students is a lot more willing to embrace and implement digital tools and technology compared to the typical professors and other teaching staff. This represents both an opportunity and a challenge for universities. Implementing these new tools in a right way can give us a competitive advantage.  However, taking a  wrong step in this implementation -- or a failure to implement these new tools --  may lead us to falling behind in the ever-changing  landscape of knowledge.

This year’s conference will focus on different aspects of how the university can meet the "digital student", the possibilities for new educational models and learning environment.

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