NORDTEK is a network of rectors and deans of the technical institutions in the five Nordic countries.
The network has 23 members.  


 NORDTEK shall through exchange of experience, collaboration and cooperation:

  • Develop the comparative strength of the members
  • Maintain and strengthen the international position of the Nordic advanced engineering education
  • Maintain and strengthen the international position of the Nordic engineering research and the research education
  • Stimulate young people to make engineering their first choice of studies
  • Be a potential pressure group - nationally, Nordic-wide and internationally
  • Represent the Nordic perspective in relevant European and global forums

NORDTEK's primary activities are: The annual Rector's Conference, projects, a mobility programme and annual benchmarking of the member institutions.

The annual meeting in 2014  takes place from the 13 - 16 June.
Day 1 is dedicated to meetings of students and administrative coordinators.
Day 2 the Nordtek seminar, which is open to all participants.
Day 3 is dedicated to excursion and site visits.
Day 4 is the Rector's Conference.


The rectors from the Baltic countries and the BALTECH network are  invited to attend the annual meeting.

For further information, please visit the Nordtek homesite