Service Leadership in International Business - hva lærer du?

A candidate who has completed his or her qualification should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge skills and general competence:
A graduate from the master program Service leadership in International business has

  • advanced knowledge on service leadership from a behavioral, economical and managerial perspective.
  • specialized insight on a self-selected, limited service business topic as well as solid knowledge of relevant literature and research within this field.
  • in-depth knowledge on the development of central theories and scientific methods used in leadership and management of service industries, the service economy´s role in international business, and its economic, social and environmental responsibilities locally and globally.
  • in-depth knowledge of international service leadership challenges and business issues concerning strategic development, operations, market conditions and options, and human resource management.
  • analytical training in different approaches to leadership in a service business, and knowledge on how to identify leadership challenges.
  • thorough professional knowledge that can be used for new perspectives, entrepreneurship, and innovations within service leadership and business modelling in a contemporary international context

A graduate from the master program Service leadership in International business can
  • independently analyze existing theories, methods, and interpretations on practical and theoretical problems concerning responsible service leadership and service businesses in international societies.
  • apply evidence-based knowledge on leader / management functions, project management, service operational designs, market situations, and long-term strategic decisions.
  • analyze and make use of primary and secondary data sources in an independent and critical way, participate in planning, implementation and control in national and international settings.
  • apply relevant and advanced research methods of both the qualitative and quantitative kind.
  • carry out an independent, limited research or development project under supervision and in accordance with applicable norms for research ethics

General competence
A graduate from the master program Service leadership in International business can
  • analyze and formulate problem statements for relevant academic, business / professional and research ethical issues.
  • contribute in team- work that may lead to new thinking and innovation processes.
  • approach complex decision-making situations within service leadership in a constructive manner
  • based on rhetorical principles communicate, present and argue for the results of independent work, like analyses, methodology and conclusions, to various audiences like specialists and the general public.
  • apply his/her knowledge and skills in new areas in order to carry out advanced assignments and projects.

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