Double Master Degree program in Offshore Field Development Technology

Through the program in Offshore Technology - Marine and Offshore Technology we can offer the students a unique Double Degree Program in Offshore Field Development Technology. This double degree has an Arctic profile and is in coorporation with Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Moscow.

Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas and University of Stavanger (UiS) have joined their experience in Research and Teaching to establish this Double Master's degree program in Offshore Field Development. The program aims to provide the students with knowledge and expertise in offshore oil and gas technology especially within the Northern areas. There is a growing industry demand for specialized labor related to this areas.

The MSc program draws on experienced education professionals whose expertise encompasses not only cutting edge theoretical concepts, but also extensive industry experience

Learning outcome
This Double Degree program has the same learning outcome as the Master Program in Marine and Offshore Technology. In addition, the students finalizing the study program in Offshore Field Development Technology shall also:

  • Be able to choose safe and environmental friendly technology for offshore field development.
  • Be able to understand problems and challenges related to offshore oil and gas technology.
  • Have an overall picture of requirements that will be met in developing offshore oil and gas fields.
  • Master the most important subjects in order to be able to work in offshore environments.
  • Have knowledge about requirements for arctic field developments, preferably through participating in course work at UNIS on Svalbard.
  • Be able to develop relations that can contribute to long term solid cooperation  between Norwegian and Russian oil and gas industry

Study plan
The students will follow the ordinary study plan for Master program in Marine and Offshore Technology apart from second semester where you will be studying at Gubkin University in Moscow (30 credits). Please see fully study plan for further information.

Practice period
There is an Internship period of 6 weeks during the summer for the students from Gubkin. This is a mandatory requirement from the Russian part.

There are established separate procedures for admission to his program. For students from University of Stavanger, you apply further after the students has been admitted to Master program in Marine and Offshore Technology, in order to get admission to this Double Degree program. The students must have obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree to get admitted. Students at 5 year master program must then get a Bachelor Diploma and Master Diploma separately.

All candidates will be called in for an interview before final admission. The necessary skills in English must be document from High School with minimum the grade of 4. I addition the students would need a Visa to Russia, and a health certificate.

Full study plan  (pdf)

Students should apply for loan/scholarship through Lånekassen. There is no tuition fee required to Gubkin. UiS will try to find industrial scholarship, but we can’t guarantee this.

The program will provide the students with 2 diplomas – one from each University. The students must be prepared to defend their Master Thesis and take the Russian State Exam.

Carrier opportunities
The double Degree diploma will make the students very competitive and attractive in the employment Market in both Russian and Norwegian sector, especially in developing the Artic area and development of Russian/Norwegian Corporation.

For furher information regarding this program, please contact
Professor Muk Chen Ong or Sheryl Josdal.