Semester 3, utveksling Aalborg
Ett semester utveksling År 2 / Semester 3
Masteroppgave ved UiS eller ved samarbeidende institusjoner
Master Thesis År 2 / Semester 4
Social work as a field of knowledge is obtained and developed through different sources such as practice, education and research. Research is a fundamental part of social work and welfare innovation and professional development. Such research examples are identifying social issues, studying the effectiveness of practice, developing user participation and facilitate ethical informed empowering interventions. This master thesis module involves the completion of investigating a research question using one or several relevant research methodologies, and further utilize and build on knowledge, skills and values developed throughout the Nordic Master of Social Work and Welfare.
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Studiepoeng: 30
Course coordinator:
Siv Oltedal

Dette er studietilbudet for studieår 2020-2021.