Service Leadership in International Business - learning outcomes

When you graduate from the program you will have acquired the following knowledge, skills and competence:

  • Know and understand important management and leadership challenges in tourism and hospitality industries.
  • Know and understand fundamental theories for management and leadership in the tourism and hospitality industries.
  • Know and understand the psychology of employees and customers.
  • Know and understand the principles of doing research in management-related social sciences.

  • Be able to make strategic considerations and build up a business strategy.
  • Be able to search, evaluate and integrate state-of-the art existing knowledge.
  • Be able to choose and apply, in an ethical way, relevant knowledge on hospitality- and tourism relevant problems and challenges, decisions, implementation and control.
  • Be able to structure problems, and collect and apply information to make optimal decisions.
  • Be able to plan and conduct research.
  • Be able to write managerial memos and scientific papers.

  • Have a lasting competence to work as a manager and leader in service related industries.
  • Have an ability to facilitate the operation of a multicultural work place and to work effectively as a team member in international networks.
  • Have acquired competence to contribute to science and knowledge.
  • Have a scientifically based competence for life-long learning.
  • Be ready to enter a PhD program

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Last updated: 24.01.2020