Student testimonials

Students are describing their experiences at the University of Stavanger.

  • Aneley Lampugnani

    Aneley Lampugnani, Spain

    I have a Bachelor Degree in Advertising and Public Relations and I am currently studying a Master in International Hospitality Management at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management (NHS). I chose this program because it had an attractive and complete curriculum with subjects, such as Psychology, Research, Leadership, Tourism and Communication. This master programme teaches you how to be a good manager but also how to approach any areas of your life in a more critical and well-informed manner.

    The best about the University of Stavanger is that students have the chance to get involved in various projects; as a student, you can join a huge number of events and associations every semester. Personally I have joined the Norwegian classes and Smis (the university newspaper). In addition, academically I believe that the most positive aspect of NHS is the teachers. They are both very competent and accessible, so there is always exchange of ideas and openness for discussion in the classroom. Students and teachers are the very heart of the university.

    Overall, my experience at UiS is very satisfactory. I truly believe that the critical thinking, the variety of subjects and the opportunity to engage in different events on campus really help students to discover and cultivate personal, social and professional skills that are priceless for the development of a successful career.

  • Anouk Evers

    Anouk Evers, Netherlands

    I chose the Master program in International Hospitality Management at the University of Stavanger (UiS) because it was a good fit with what I was looking for; a program with a Business Administration approach and focus on the field of tourism & hospitality.

    UiS offers interesting and challenging courses and has very knowledgeable professors. I very much enjoy the interactive teaching style in which there is a lot of interaction between the professor and student, and amongst the student themselves. You do not only learn from the professors, assignments, business cases and literature, but you also learn a lot from your peer students! UiS offers high quality education. The informal and nonhierarchical approach at UiS is a very nice and friendly way of teaching and studying.

    UiS is also very socially engaged and takes great care of its students. Lots of social activities have been arranged for its current and new students. Furthermore, the Norwegian Language course for international students is a great way to learn the Norwegian language and integrate into Norwegian society. 

    A very positive experience was my first hike here in Norway; a hike to the Månafossen waterfall which UiS arranged for new international students. Whilst driving towards the waterfall, seeing the surrounding nature and hiking up the waterfall, I knew that I had chosen the right place to study; such a great group of students and fantastic nature!

    I feel that this master programme has enabled me to develop and strengthen my academic research skills and my ability to think and work strategically in the field of tourism; the field in which I aim to continue to work in after having finished this degree. Furthermore the Stavanger area also has great opportunities for gaining work experience within the field of tourism!