Academic requirements for MSc in Engineering Structures and Materials

In order to be eligible for master's programmes in Norway, you need to document a bachelor's degree of minimum three years. Depending on where you completed upper secondary education, you may be required to have more than three years of university education. Please check the GSU-list for detailed information and requirements for each country.

International applicants can apply for the following spesialisations within this programme:

  • Mechanical Systems
  • Renewable Energy
  • Civil Engineering
  • Offshore Structure

A specialisation may be cancelled if there is a lack of qualified applicants.

For specialisations in Mechanical Systems/ Renewable Energy:

  • A Bachelor's degree in mechanical, material, marine, process, structural engineering or equivalent is required.

For specialisations in Civil Engineering Structures/ Offshore Structure:

  • A Bachelor's degree in civil engineering or equivalent with minimum 40 ECTS credits of structural engineering specialisation courses is required.

All applicants must have at least 30 ECTS credits in mathematics/statistics/calculus.

The minimum GPA (grade point average) for admission to this Master’s programme is 60% or 3 on the ECTS grading scale. However, admission to this programme is highly competitive and applicants must demonstrate good academic standards and top grades. Applicants with a grade level equivalent to Second Class Lower Division or lower will not be considered for admission.

How much is 30 ECTS credits?