Master of Science in Environmental Engineering

Water is life. This incredible chemical with its numerous anomalies is the fundamental nutrient and ecosystem component for all living organisms. The aim of the MSc in Environmental Engineering is to provide students with knowledge and skills necessary to become responsible water managers and engineers.
Environmental technology - Illustration: Close up of water drops

This programme incorporates two specialisations:

Offshore Environmental Technology

Students that want to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry can choose the specialisation in Offshore Environmental Technology. The philosophy of this programme is to combine courses in offshore oil and gas exploration, production technologies and environmental management. The programme is suited for students that are interested in practical technological and administrative competences for sound environmental management in the offshore industries.

Water Science and Technology

The specialisation in Water Science and Technology is offered to students who want to focus on aquatic chemistry and ecology, and technologies for water and wastewater treatment. Being more natural science and research based, the programme provides students with fundamental and advanced competances in aquatic chemistry, environmental biotechnology and water process engineering.

With an MSc in Environmental Engineering, graduates will be able to suggest, design and operate adequate environmental process technologies based on profound understanding of recipient aquatic system, in both offshore and onshore companies.

Student exchange

During the study period there are possibilities for international student exchanges at one of our partner universities in Scandinavia, Europe or USA. 

Kilde: CP Published 14.12.2018