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Students are describing their experiences at the University of Stavanger.

  • Bianca Handley

    Bianca Handley, USA

    I am currently studying Environmental Engineering at the Universitetet i Stavanger (UiS), specializing in Water Science and Technology. This is a two year Master of Science program in Stavanger. There are 3 specialties to choose from, one of which requires a semester abroad to St. Petersburg (awesome!). Last year it was a bit overwhelming to come to a whole new country with only my one checked bag, but the Orientation Week provided for international students made sure I made plenty of friends before school had even started.

    UiS is ideally located for some inspirational hikes such as Preikestolen, and Kjerag (Google them!). UiS is a very student friendly campus with a fantastic gym with student pricing, a student bar and lots of student organizations. With all of this, you can be as involved as you want to be. I am in the homebrew club, as well as the International Student Union, and I also write for the student paper, SmiS. Student Organizations are a great way to make new friends here whether it be knitting, basketball, or cooking you are interested in; you just need to put yourself out there! 

    UiS is a much smaller school (9,000 students) than the one I went to in the US (31,500 students).This means smaller class sizes and more personal relationships with your professors and the other students in your program. At UiS I have found that my professors are interested in my success personally, academically, and professionally. The professors are much more interested in having a discussion about a subject and inspiring thought rather than lecturing at the students. For me, it was a little different having 100% of the course grade based on the 3 or 4 hour exam at the end of the semester, but it's something you get used to and adjust your learning style for.

    I hope that what I have learned here will translate well to the job market. I believe the "specializations" and the ability to choose some of your courses helps you to develop the skills for the job you'd like to have.