Master in Prehospital Critical Care full-time

Hospital structures change, the transport distances increase as the patient is sent directly to sufficiently competent hospitals, and more advanced treatment is applied in the prehospital phase. The evidence base for various prehospital treatments is challenged. Therefore, there is an increasing emphasis on and demand for quality in prehospital critical care.

One aim of the programme is to supply prehospital care providers with academic ability to critically appraise the knowledgebase in their field. This programme is the only international master in Prehospital Critical Care, and the teaching language is English.

Master’s Programme in PHCC

  • Do you want to develop yourself as a critical care provider?
  • Do you need more insight in pre-hospital research and development?
  • Do you want to develop your analytical and diagnostic abilities?
  • Do you want an International Master’s degree in Prehospital critical care?
  • Do you want to study in a multidisciplinary environment?

The programme is either full-time with an estimated duration of 2 years, or part-time with an estimated duration of 4 years. New admissions will take place annually, starting every fall semester. The PHCC part-time programme is flexible and accessible for participants who work full time. Admission to the full-time programme may qualify for a Norwegian study permit.

There are no similar programmes in Norway or Scandinavia, and it is the only international master within this field. The programme was developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Air Ambulance (SNLA) and the University of Stavanger.


Master in Prehospital Critical Care full-time

Kilde: CP Published 15.01.2020